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About Us:

Nobody wants to be forced into leaving their home, especially when it is a home they may have lived in for decades. But whether you are living in your family home or a brand new condo on your own, AAA-1 Home Care Service is here to help you maintain your independence and keep you where you belong: in your home.

For people with reduced mobility, being able to feel independent and enjoy their homes is more important than ever. Here at AAA-1 Home Care Service, we specialize in doing what is necessary to keep our clients happily living in their homes. If you or a loved one is dealing with reduced mobility or is otherwise having a hard time living on their own, or if you need assistance in caring for a spouse or parent, we can help.

AAA-1 Home Care Services is passionate about serving our elder community. Our mission is to respect their pride, to stimulate their souls, and to empower their independence by providing superior quality, affordable non-medical care with heartfelt compassion. We work to create a loving and peaceful environment in their homes. Our focus is our customers and as a company we vow to provide customized care by letting our client decide how we provide care to them. Our caregivers are skilled, trained, covered by worker's compensation insurance, and go through rigorous background screening - and, most importantly, they are compassionate to elderly people.

Our top priority is to help those receiving care maintain their dignity while enhancing the quality of life for both those receiving care and their families. We can help make aging in place at home a real possibility, by doing light chores, providing a helping hand, and performing the other tasks that you or your loved one are no longer able to accomplish on your own.

The AAA-1 Home Care Service team will work with you and your family to create a care plan that is designed to meet your specific wants and needs. Our elderly care services are designed to maintain health and fight loneliness and depression, which are all-too-common effects of loss of mobility and independence. We treat our elderly patients with the same care and support we give to our own elderly family members.

If you need assistance to continue living in your home, or you need help in caring for a loved one, then contact AAA-1 Home Care Service today. Our caregivers are highly trained, sympathetic, and reliable, and we will do everything we can to make sure that your home remains a comfortable and happy sanctuary.

Our Mission:

We are passionate to serve elderly with heartfelt compassion, to respect their pride, to stimulate their soul, and to empower their independence by providing care in loving and peaceful environment in their home.

Our Values:

To provide highest quality, affordable, accessible, assistance for elderly people in their home

Our Services:

We stride to provide specialized, customize, and highest level of quality care to meet the needs of your loved one at a reasonable cost in a loving and peaceful environment. We pride to provide timely & efficient patient-centered affordable home care to ensure comfort & peace of mind to your relatives.

Our Caregivers:

Our caregivers are kind & loving, compassionate & dedicated, enthusiastic & trustworthy. All caregivers are experienced, skilled, and covered by workers compensation insurance and go through rigorous background screening and continuous comprehensive training.